Infosys Service Agreement Amount


Infosys Service Agreement Amount: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to outsourcing software development projects, Infosys is a popular choice for many companies across the world. However, before you sign a service agreement with Infosys, it is essential to understand the fees and charges associated with their services.

In this article, we`ll explore Infosys service agreement amount, including their pricing structure, payment terms, and additional costs.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure for Infosys varies depending on the nature and complexity of the project. Typically, the company charges a fixed price for the entire project, which is determined based on the scope of work, the number of resources required, and the timeline for completion.

However, for large and complex projects that require a more flexible approach, Infosys may charge an hourly rate or offer a dedicated team of developers for a specific period.

Payment Terms

Infosys typically requires an upfront payment before beginning work on a project. The amount of this payment varies depending on the project scope and the terms of the service agreement.

In general, the remaining payment is divided into milestones, with each milestone corresponding to a specific phase of the project. Once a milestone is completed, and the corresponding deliverables are approved, Infosys requests payment for that phase.

Additional Costs

In addition to the base service agreement amount, there may be additional costs and fees associated with an Infosys project.

For example, if the scope of the project changes midway, Infosys may charge an extra fee to adjust the work plan accordingly. Similarly, if the project requires additional resources, such as hardware or software licenses, the company may pass on those costs to the client.

It`s essential to clarify these additional costs upfront and include them in the service agreement to avoid any surprises during the project`s execution.


In summary, Infosys service agreement amount varies depending on the nature and complexity of the project. The company typically charges a fixed fee or an hourly rate, with payment spread across several milestones.

However, clients should be aware of the additional costs and fees associated with a project and ensure that these are clearly defined in the service agreement. With proper understanding and documentation, a service agreement with Infosys can be executed smoothly, ensuring successful project delivery.